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Experiencers Speak is brought to you by Starborn Support, and Northeast UFO conferences

ATTN!! Experiencers Speak IS NOT SOLD OUT!!! If you have problems and get an email saying it is, PLEASE CALL AUDREY at 774-766-2558, or if that number does not go through call Debbie at-774-766-0141 if that does not work, call Nancy at 207-627-4934!!!

if that does not work please Facebook message Audrey Starborn, so sorry for any inconvenience, seems  SOMEONE does NOT want this conference to succeed, 


Experiencers Speak!! 2015!

Friday August 28th (VIP Banquet & Lectures)
Saturday August 29th CONFERENCE
VIP Packages will include Friday night Banquet, and Saturday conference


Experiencers Speak is brought to you by Starborn Support & F.R.E.E


Conference Location:

    The Fireside Inn

 81 Riverside st. Portland, Maine



List of Speakers

    Grant Cameron
    Kathy Marden

    Travis Walton

    Suzanne Chancellor

    Rion  Derouen

    Eric Mitchel

    Thom Reed

    Master of Ceremonies: Peter Robbins


What is Experiencers Speak?

      Experiencers Speak is an annual UFO conference created and organized by Starborn Support. We bring together people that have had encounters with other worldly beings.

         What makes Experiencers Speak different? The majority of UFO conferences have a collection of researchers and (maybe) one or two experiencers. We pride ourselves as having nearly all experiencers as speakers. Experiencers Speak gives experiencers a platform, a voice, a place to be heard!


For more info contact:

    Audrey Hewins 



    founder of  Starborn Support 




Friday Night Banquet/VIP Dinner/Meet & Greet....
Doors open at 4:00 PM,

Dinner at 5:00 PM

Rev John M Polk speaks at 5:30-6:20. Ten minute break, our

KEYNOTE VIP SPEAKERS  Kathy Marden goes on at 6:30-8:00,
ten minute break,

Thom Reed goes on at 8:10-9:40,
banquet room closes at ten.

There will be a band on in the other lounge after ten and we can migrate over there after the banquet (optional).
Saturday (schedule to be updated)

INTRODUCTION starts at 8:30 AM-Peter Robbins ends 9:15,

Mike Clelland on at 9:15-10:15,

Suzanne Chancellor on at 10:30-11:00,

Eric Mitchell on at 11:00-11:30,

Rion DeRouen on at 11:30-12:00.

LUNCH BREAK is 12:00-12:30.


Denise Stoner goes on 1:00-2:00.

BREAK 2:00-2:15.

DINNER BREAK 3:45-5:00.

Conference Keynote Speakers Grant Cameron goes on

BREAK 6:45-7:00----
7:00-7:15 Jen Stein's introduction of Travis Walton's film "Travis" the film goes on at 7:15-8:45...

Travis will speak and take questions 8:45 to 9:30,

 Brief closing by Peter Robbins and the Home team will pull the raffle at 9:30-10:00.


Ticket Prices: TBA.

 VIP packages will be available and include Friday night banquet meet n greet with lectures, and Sat. Conference

 also, just Sat. Conference tickets will be available

*All tickets Non-refundable*

ATTN VIP Ticket Holders: 
The Meet and Greet  details will be posted SOON!

or Audrey Starborn here on Facebook

see you all SOON!!! 


Please consider a donation:

     If you cannot attend, please consider donating to help support this important cause. All donations go to the cost of the event.

     Help to give the experiences a voice. If you believe in our cause, please donate, the future of Experiencers Speak depends on your support.

     Without your support, this conference would not be possible. It is vital that the public can better understand this extremely important phenomenon! This has never been about making money, but unfortunately these events require a lot of it! Our aim is to continue the Experiencers Speak conferences in the years to come!  

     HELP KEEP EXPERIENCERS SPEAK ALIVE!  Please donate, every little bit helps!

     Thank you, Peace, Love, Light and TRUTH! 

     The staff of Starborn Support, Experiencers Speak, and Northeast UFO Conferences


 List of Speakers:


Master of Ceremonies: Peter Robbins
   Grant Cameron
   Kathy Marden

    Denise Stoner

  Mike Clelland

    Rev. John Polk

    Suzanne Chancellor

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    Master of Ceremonies: Peter Robbins

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